Weight Loss Is All About Planning

WEIGHT LOSS IS ALL ABOUT PLANNING. To lose your weight, be healthy, and succeed at many other challenging, but worthwhile endeavors you will have to establish a pattern of thinking ahead. This does not come naturally for most of us, but must be learned and practiced.

Incidentally, a habit or pattern of indulging in the moment without regard for the consequences the next day is the most common destructive thinking pattern for addicts. They block out all consequences of their behavior and focus only on the pleasure of the moment. Therapists and sponsors teach addicts to go through the following exercise: “Follow that through in your mind. If you do this, where will it take you? Is that where you want to go?”

Planning ahead changes that pattern of thinking. To you weight losers who are fighting cravings, habits and bad thinking patterns, I recommend the following:

1. Plan your eating strategy in advance each day.

2. Look ahead on your calendar for events where it will be hard to keep to nutrition and calorie goals. Then make a plan for each one that will enable you to keep to your goals, or at least minimize the damage.

3. Anticipate hard times when habits and cravings often take over your life, or when you are stressed or bored. You can be certain to have these times. Plan in advance how to deal with it. (If you don’t have a good plan, or if your plan isn’t working for you, talk to your coach.)

4. Anticipate surprises like short-notice invitations to lunch, or having people surprise you with gifts of favorite foods you hadn't planned on. Plan now how to get through them.

5. Set realistic goals.

Plan ahead for health and fitness. You can do it

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