How to tell if you need a nap!

How to tell if you need a nap now, By Justin Case

Here are some really good reasons for you to take a nap, compiled by the gang down at the Junction Café this morning.

  1. While you are sleeping, no one is yelling at you; or if they are yelling at you can’t hear them.  (If you can hear them, consider turning off your hearing aid.)
  2. As long as you are sleeping, there is no risk of you being killed in a car accident.  (Of course, this assumes you are not the one driving.)
  3. Mike Rapp observes that while your eyes are closed, you can’t see all the hair on your pillow.
  4. If you get fired from your job for taking a nap, you will have more time in the future to take naps.  (Win, win!)
  5. If we could choose how we go, most of us would choose to die in our sleep.  It naturally follows that the more we sleep, the greater the odds of dying in our sleep.
  6. Donald Key says that some of his best dreams seem to happen when he is supposed to be waking up.
  7. With your eyes closed you can’t be looking in the mirror.
  8. It can be proven mathematically that it’s impossible to be paying bills while taking a nap.
  9. Whenever undergoing miserable hip-replacement, back, or gall bladder surgery, most of us are having a nap.  And that’s a good thing.
  10. While taking a nap, most of us are not dealing with a bunch of nasty problems.