How often should you weigh?


Here are some things to consider:

Everyone is different. How frequently you weigh is one of those things you will have to figure out. Decide based upon what works for you, and be careful not to allow yourself to undermine your own resolve.

One of the things that motivated me early on was the satisfaction of seeing comparatively big drops in weight by waiting for a few days between weighings. On the other hand, after a while, I decided that I gained a great deal from the things I learned by weighing every day. By weighing every day, I figured out my break-even points, the effects of different foods on my weight-loss, the effects of different types of exercise, and many more things about my body and managing my weight. Much can be learned if you can get past the psychological challenge of not seeing weight drop off every single day that you do well.

Normal body and water-retention rhythms are not linear. They usually show up on the scales as follows: two or three days of weight staying pretty much the same or even gaining, followed by a day or two of make-up where the eight-loss shows on the scales. No matter how disciplined I was, my weight didn’t come off in a straight line. For many who have bad addictions, doubts about their ability, a history of failure at previous attempts, and such, having some days when they work hard and yet se no immediate results can cause a person to lose hope.

While I believe that knowing the things learned from weighing every day are necessary at some point for us to manage our weight and health, sometimes, especially in the beginning, some will be more comfortable weighing just once-a-week or so.

Having a trainer or coach can put you in a different place, too. A good trainer, coach, or experienced mentor can get you through the rough spots and allow you to weigh every day and increase your understanding faster. He, or she will also be able to tell if you’re struggling and suggest that you weigh less frequently.

The purpose is to be healthy long-term, and to do that, you will have to get that weight off. So, base your decision about how frequently to weigh strictly upon what will help you succeed. If you are honest with yourself, you know where you are at. Think about what is best and do that.

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